Frequently asked questions about Panasonic ID

Inquiry about product or service

> How do I send an inquiry about products or services?
For further information or inquiries regarding our products or services, please visit the following support site.

About Panasonic ID

> What is a Panasonic ID?
A Panasonic ID allows users to sign in Panasonic provided services.
Once you create a Panasonic ID on a Panasonic service, you can access other Panasonic services that require Panasonic ID as well. You don't need to create a new account for each service.
You can use your commonly-used email address as your Panasonic ID.

> Is there an initial or an annual fee?
There is no initial or annual fee.


> How do I become a member of Panasonic ID?
Go to Registration.
It is required that you fill out the registration form and agree to "Terms and Condition", "Privacy Policy" and "Cookies Policy".

> I didn't receive a confirmation email after subscription.
Here are some tips to help you find it out:
  1. Please check your junk or spam email folder.
  2. Please register again and make sure the email address you are using is correct.
  3. Please retry to create a new Panasonic ID with a different email address.

> When I clicked the URL in the confirmation email, the message "The URL is invalid." appeared.
If the URL is divided into two or more lines on your email application, could you copy and paste it into single line on your browser address bar?
Also, the URL expires within 48 hours after your subscription. In this case, please restart registration from the beginning.

Sign In

> What is "Stay signed in"?
"Stay signed in" is a setting to make your sign-in convenient.
You can sign in some services without entering your Panasonic ID and password at the sign-in screen.

[How to use "Stay signed in"]
  1. Check the "Stay signed in" box on the sign in page.
  2. Enter your Panasonic ID and password.
  3. Sign in.

You can stay signed in for two weeks or until you sign out.
* "Stay signed in" will be ineffective if you sign out before closing your browser.
* For security reasons, if you're using a shared computer, smartphone or tablet, it is recommended to sign out after use.
* For security reasons, some pages require you to input Panasonic ID and password even if "Stay signed in" is effective.

> I forgot my Panasonic ID password.
If you don't remember your Panasonic ID password, you can reset it at Password Inquiry.

> I can't sign in to my Panasonic ID.
Please make sure the following points:
  • Your registration process may not be completed. Your Panasonic ID will be activated by clicking a URL in confirmation email sent from us.
  • Password is case-sensitive. Make sure you don't have Caps Lock turned on.
  • Due to security reasons, there are limitations of how many times you can sign in from the same computer with the same account in a short period. If you have been warned, please wait for an hour or something, trying to do later.

If you don't remember the password associated with your Panasonic ID, you can reset it from Password Inquiry.

> I forgot my Panasonic ID.
Your commonly-used email address is your Panasonic ID. If you don't remember it, please create a new account at Registration.

Change or Delete

> Can I change my Panasonic ID?
You can manage your account by signing into Panasonic ID portal and click the Change Panasonic ID (E-mail Address).

> How do I change my password?
After signing in, please go to Change Password.
* It is strongly recommended to use a different password from other services.

> How do I withdraw?
Go to Delete Account and click the "Delete Account" button.

Deleting your Panasonic ID will affect all products associated with that account.
For example, if you register your persional information on our services, you will no longer see information (data or points).

If you want to know further information, please check the sites of each product you use with Panasonic ID.

System Requirements

> Device/OS/Browser Requirements
You can view our pages, on a wide range of operating systems and browsers.
The site have recently been tested using followings:

(OS)Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.4+
- Google Chrome
- Microsoft Edge
- Firefox
- Safari

* This website may not be displayed correctly due to a setting, browser or application on your device.


> I have another inquiry about Panasonic ID.
If you have any other inquiries about Panasonic ID, please see this page.