Terms and Conditions


This ACCOUNT TERMS AND CONDITIONS (“Account Terms”) define the terms and conditions applicable to any persons who registers and uses an account (including setting up a User ID and password) (“Account Data”) (“Users”) called Panasonic ID, wherein Panasonic ID may be required in certain services provided by Panasonic Holdings Corporation with the address at 1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-8501, Japan (“Panasonic Holdings”, “we”, “us” or “our”) (“Service”). Each User shall be deemed to accept the Account Terms each time that User creates and/or uses Panasonic ID.

1. When Users would like to register with us to obtain a Panasonic ID, they shall accept and agree to observe the Account Terms in addition to the other Terms. Users must provide certain accurate information, including e-mail address and password. Such information will be treated and protected in accordance with Privacy Notice. Panasonic ID will be created after our account registration procedure completes.
2. If Users are under the age of majority in your country of residence, their parent or legal guardian must consent to Account Terms.
3. A Panasonic ID will not be created, or will be cancelled in the following cases:
(1) We are aware that Users’ registration data or Account Data is false or inadequate.
(2) We have stopped Service for that User or cancelled their Panasonic ID because he or she broke Account Terms and/or other terms.
(3) We have found that Users do not exist.
(4) We are aware that Users are children under the age of 13.
(5) We otherwise determine that account registration by the Users is not appropriate.
Further, we reserve the right to cancel a User’s registration and Panasonic ID if a User has not been logged-in to a Service requiring a Panasonic ID for more than 2 years.
4. Users shall inform us promptly of any change in registered information including name and the country of residence via a service associated with your Panasonic Group-branded Product or in accordance with the method placed on the website. We have no responsibility whatever for any disadvantage resulting from the failure of a User to notify any change set forth in the preceding paragraph. 
5. Any notice from us to the User relating to the Panasonic ID will be given by email at User’s email address registered in the Panasonic ID. It is User’s responsibility to keep such email address updated and to regularly check their email account for notice from us. 
6. Users shall keep Account Data safe and secure at all times and prevent unauthorized access to Account Data, in particular by avoiding easy-to-guess passwords, by changing password regularly and by ensuring that Users do not disclose their passwords or grant any other Users or third party access to Account Data.
7. We may regard any instructions to be from Users if they are received from or issued by Users or a third party using or providing a Panasonic ID.
8. Users agree not to use any Account Data without permission of the Users or person holding the respective account.
9. Users shall notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of any of Users’ registration data or Account Data or any other breach of security.
10. Users can access and change Users’ registration data or Account Data at any time by either accessing the respective Panasonic ID account application on device.
11. Users may cancel their Panasonic ID with prior notice to us in accordance with our cancellation procedure which can be found online at https://csapl.pcpf.panasonic.com/Account/top. The Users’ Panasonic ID shall terminate on the day when our cancellation procedure completes. When there is a defect in the procedure at the time of notification of the cancellation of the accounts, the procedure of the cancellation may not complete.